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Tycho / on Wed, Dec 23 2015 at 9:21 am

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All Through The House, Part Two

One of the “delights,” which I guess I don’t 100% mind but whatever, is that before I can get a newspost typed up over here I typically have to spend a half an hour or so fixing the computer I’m working on.  I wouldn’t even know how to compare the machines my parents own to my own machines or computers in general.  I’m not surprised that people hate computers if this is their experience with them.  Just as a point of reference, when I click the mouse on my computer, shit happens.  Forces are marshalled and great engines roar.  On my mom’s laptop, there is a mouse attached, but it does nothing, like a vestigial tail.

Her house looks like some kind of aperture widened up between our world and the Pinterest dimension, and their denizens have emerged in force to seize territory.  Snowmen and reindeer upcycled from precious bottlecaps flank wine bottles also dressed as reindeer or inexplicably wearing sweaters.  I was able to barricade the door to her room with some tasteful Pier One wickered spheroids and now I am waiting for the police to arrive.

When we first talked about Nightlight, it describes how some fathers are shields, but others are swords!  With an Exclamation Point! And then for that and the next storyline with Grace we only talk about Swords.  All Through The House is about how the other side works.

(CW)TB out.

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